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Michael Jamieson

Glasgow is home to my swim journey, where I was schooled, progressed through the Learn to Swim framework and developed to a professional level all before leaving my home city!

I started out in All Saints School with Glasgow City Council, swam at the Glasgow School of Sport in Bellahouston Academy and City of Glasgow Swim Team as a developing age grouper, after beginning my club journey with Scotia in Bishopbriggs.

Throughout my professional career; travelling all over the world, competing and winning medals at every level of international competition, I always had an incredible amount of support from the people of Glasgow. I feel very humbled and grateful to be launching our own Swim Academy in the city where it all began for me and alongside an amazing team, to have the opportunity to share everything I’ve learned along the way and give back to swimming, by creating a similar experience for developing young athletes.

Being a product of the system, gives me the platform to improve and enhance the learning of young swimmers here in Glasgow. Having transitioned out of competitive sport, I’m able to pinpoint key areas in my swim journey that helped me to progress and excel. I’m extremely passionate about providing a learning environment to develop curious, self-aware, responsible young people through the sport of swimming.

Thank you for all the support I’ve received throughout my competitive career, and it’s valued now more than ever, as we work together to improve how young people develop skills for life through sport!


Name: Michael Jamieson
DoB: 5th August 1988

Swimming Achievements:

  • 2010 & 2014 Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist
  • 2011 & 2013 European Bronze & Silver Medallist
  • 2012 World Championship Silver Medallist
  • 2012 Olympic Games Silver Medallist
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games Ambassador
Michael Jamieson Champion
Amanda McIlvaney - MJ Swim Academy

Amanda McIlvaney

I’ve worked in the swim industry for almost 20 years and have never loved it more! One of my biggest passions is making a positive impact upon standards within Learn to Swim, and making sure that every swimmer’s journey is the best it can be.

I’ve taught at every level over the past 18 years as a full qualified swim instructor, gaining my professional qualifications across both National and International governing bodies of sport.

My experience spans across both the public and private sectors, with everything from babies and preschool swimmers to coaching triathletes in the open water, developing their skills to prepare for their first Ironman event. No matter the age or ability, the basic principles are the same and I strive to provide the highest quality swimmer led experience, promoting self-discovery and awareness.

I’ve designed and developed multiple swim programs across the UK, as well as delivering training and mentoring future swim instructors and program managers. I mentor all members of the teaching staff at MJSA, to ensure that our teaching methods are current, consistent and innovative, to provide you or your child with the best experience in the pool!

My main goal at the academy is to see all our swimmers reach their full potential; whether it’s their first time in the pool, or a triathlete training to compete in open water and you’ll see this translated throughout everything I do at MJSA.

Sonn Breslin

I started swimming at a later age of 8 years old but fell in love with being in the water instantly. I started swimming competitively at the age of 10 and competed at Scottish and British National competitions. I had the opportunity to swim with City of Glasgow Swim Team and then Stirling Swim Team when I attended university. At university, I did my bachelors in Sport and Exercise Science and then my masters in Human Performance and Physiology. I have 8 years teaching experience and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim as it is a fun and enjoyable activity as well as a life skill. I like to use the knowledge I have from my experience and education to deliver fun, engaging and informative swimming lessons to all!
Sonn is the programme coordinator for our Glasgow Argyle Hotel & Glasgow University venues and also helps with teaching the under 3’s classes!
one of our staff members sonn
one of our staff members ellie


I have been a swim teacher for just under 2 years now, teaching at Edinburgh swim schools and now in Glasgow with MJSA. I started lessons when I was 4 years old and joined my local swim club at 8. l trained as a lifeguard first but decided to start teaching in order to encourage children to enjoy swimming as much as I did at that age. I love to see the swimmers progress and get excited about learning new skills and gaining confidence in the water.
one of our staff members abbie


I started swimming lessons when I was three years old, just like a lot of the little ones that I teach. I met some of my oldest and closest friends there, and even befriended my teachers as I got older. A stay in hospital when I was 13 inspired me to take my training to the next level by competing. A year later I found myself on the blocks at North West Regional Champs – a very surreal experience. When the opportunity arose for me to pass these years of knowledge and expertise onto our swimmers of the future, I was so excited. Two years later and I’m still loving it as if it was day one. The children never fail to put a smile on my face and I hope that every once in a while they go home with one on theirs too. I hope to push every child to their true swimming potential and inspire them to continue with the sport well into the future.
one of our staff members emily


I have swam pretty much my whole life so when my coach asked me to help assist once I week I loved it so much that I got fully qualified! That was seven years ago now and whilst I don’t swim competitively anymore it’s been amazing to follow in that amazing coach’s footsteps and work in a job that was such a big part of my life when I was younger.

one of our staff members isla


I’ve been working as a swimming teacher for about 5 years. I’ve always loved to swim so I started working as a swimming teacher assistant when I was 15. I really enjoyed it, so I decided to complete the level 2 teacher training. I love working with kids and seeing them gain confidence in the water.

one of our staff members kirsten


I loved learning to swim when I was younger and got into swim teaching because of that. I feel passionate about helping children find joy in being able to learn to swim in a positive environment and stay safe around water.
one of our staff members lauren


I am an ex competitive swimmer in the pool and also open water swimming. I have been a swimming teacher for 9 years and been with MJSA since June. I have a degree in sports coaching. I worked at camp America for 3 summers as a swim teacher and lifeguard. I love working with kids, especially in swimming and seeing them progress through the different levels, becoming more confident in the water and having fun.
one of our staff members lily


I began swimming teaching around 4 years ago by volunteering to help with the younger swimmers in my swimming club. I have swam competitively for years and thoroughly enjoy passing on my experience and passion to up and coming swimmers. My favourite thing about teaching is seeing kids master new skills and the enjoyment they receive from each lesson.

one of our staff members


I’ve been swimming my whole life, as with living in Asia it was always nice to escape the heat during lessons. Before moving to Glasgow I was a swimming teacher in Aberdeen for two years whilst in secondary school and swimming competitively for a club. Currently I’m at Glasgow University studying engineering, and in my spare time train for the university swim team and swim competitively.


I am a level 2 qualified swimming instructor and have been teaching swimming to children for over 4 years. Having always loved swimming I joined my local swimming club in St Albans at an early age, I then had an opportunity to help others with their swimming journey when I began teaching at my local swim school. Since moving to Glasgow and joining the teaching team at the MJSA I have been teaching both non swimmers and beginners, helping them to enjoy their swimming lessons and preparing them to move on to more advanced stroke and technique development as they continue on their own swimming journeys on their way to achieving their goals no matter how big or small.
one of our staff members katie


I currently train and compete as a performance swimmer with the University of Edinburgh. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim and find a love for the water, so I began swim teaching earlier this year.
one of our staff members tain


I’ve been a swim teacher since 2018 and it’s one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. As a competitive swimmer myself, it’s great to be able go back to basics and be involved in the learn to swim environment. I’m a huge advocate that every child should be able to learn to swim in a fun and safe environment and MJSA does just that.

one of our staff members rachel


I got into swim teaching a year after retiring from a competitive swimming career and wanted to share as much of my experience as I could to help people learn to swim. Whilst I’ve only been a swimming teacher since August 2021, I’ve had the best time and have found it hugely rewarding.

one of our staff members lauren


I am a competitive swimmer currently training with one of the performance teams at Edinburgh university and have been involved in swimming most of my life. I enjoy working with children and wanted to share my passion for the sport so becoming a swim teacher was a goal I set myself as soon as I turned 16. I have been swim teaching since 2019 and really enjoy seeing the children progress and grow in confidence.
one of our staff members andrew


I currently train and compete as a performance swimmer with the University of Edinburgh. I firmly believe thatMy name is Andrew, I’m a graduate from the university of Edinburgh and have always had a huge passion for swimming, as I’ve been doing it my whole life. I became a swim teacher because after a decade of competitive swimming I wanted to give back to the sport and try give others the access to this essential life skill and have all the happy experiences I’ve had through it, whether it’s competitive swimming or just feeling safe in the water. I hope I can make the water a comfortable and fun environment for anyone I teach.
one of our staff members ewan


I got into lifeguarding because I was around pools my whole life as I use to swim. I decided to then start teaching after watching everyone else do it at MJSA it looked like something I would really enjoy. I’ve only had my teaching qualifications for a few months but been lifeguarding for almost 3 years.

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I qualified as a swim teacher at the start of 2019 and have been teaching ever since. Prior to this I worked as a lifeguard. Swimming has always been a passion of mine, and I have been swimming competitively since 2010. During my time at the EK swim team I participated in National events from 2016, winning a silver medal. I bring my own personal passion for the sport to lessons, incorporating my learned skills and techniques. Swimming is a great life skill and a way to improve health and mental well being. I ensure that the children I teach have fun in their lessons while learning how to swim in a safe environment.

one of our staff members =


I completed my lifeguard course in July 2017. I started work with MJSA from around April 2018 and enjoyed working within the swim industry which led me to do my teaching qualification.
one of our staff members Lynette


I qualified for swim teaching in September this year. I have taught kids in the army cadets for 25 years and I coach and mentor people on their diets, I am also really into swimming and running and cycling so teaching swimming was a good fit. I enjoy seeing the kids confidence and skills develop and know that i have been privileged to have been a part of their journey.


My passion for swimming sparked initially as a competitive swimmer myself from age 8-16. Since then, I’ve been swimming teaching and coaching for the past 7 years and have had the opportunity to teach all across the UK and in Greece. I’ve been teaching at the Clydebank venue since 2020 and love how rewarding it is to see the kids progress each week.


I have been involved in swimming for over 25 years now as a teacher, tutor and operations manager in local authorities and private lessons providers. I am a qualified Swim England tutor and UKCC level 3 coach.

one of our staff members callum


I’ve always been a keen swimmer and decided to become a lifeguard and have been since September 2020.
our staff


I used to swim competitively and decided to go into teaching and lifeguarding. I have been a lifeguard since February 2020 and teacher since October 2021.
one of our staff members ellie


I’ve been swimming all my life and joined a club when I was 8. I swam competitively from ages 8-17 and decided to do my lifeguarding this summer so that I can still be involved in swimming.

one of our staff members cameron


Before becoming a lifeguard I was a high level competitive swimmer. Amanda was my first competitive swim coach, which provided me the basis to go on to the Scottish National bronze squad. I only started lifeguarding this summer for MJSA, and look forward to continue working with such a great company.

one of our staff members chloe


I started lifeguarding at the start of 2020 and I just passed my swim teaching course in September of 2021. I got into lifeguarding as I spent a lot of time in the pool being a swimmer from a young age then going into playing water polo around 8 years ago. I have now been capped for Scotland and play water polo competitively.


I have been working with MJSA since November. I completed the lifeguarding training course this year in September and was inspired to become a lifeguarding by my older brother who was previously a lifeguard before me. I have really enjoyed working in MJSA so far as all the other lifeguards and swim instructors have been very welcoming, nice and easy to get on with.

All of our instructors are fully qualified level 2 aquatic teachers (at minimum), with many of them achieving additional specialised qualifications and experience. They have the knowledge, skills, expertise and drive to ensure you get the most out of your lessons. Each instructor is hand picked by Olympic medalist Michael Jamieson for their passion for swimming and dedication to your journey.