Becoming a swimming teacher is one of the most rewarding career paths you could be on.  For those of you that are passionate about swimming and enabling others to achieve or simply want to pursue an exciting and rewarding career path, then have a look at our teacher training courses outlined below. We deliver each and every course to the highest of standards, supporting, coaching and mentoring our candidates to be the best that they can be. Our courses are created by Safety Training Awards, the awarding organisation of the Swimming Teachers Association, regulated by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales & CCEA in Northern Ireland and accredited by SQA Accreditation in Scotland.

STA Level 2 Award in Swimming Teaching

As the first step to becoming fully qualified, this course enables you to gain the knowledge and qualification to teach up to 12 learners from non-swimmer to improver level.

STA Level 2 Certificate in Swimming Teaching

Complete this course to become a fully qualified instructor, teaching up to 20 learners at advanced and pre-club level gaining the knowledge in more advanced practices and competitive swim skills.

STA Level 2 baby and Preschool Swimming Teaching

No previous teaching experience is required to attend this course. Gain the qualification along with the specialised knowledge and practices designed to teach safe, fun and progressive lessons for babies and preschool aged children.

STA Pool to Open Water Skills

Ideal for those looking to teach open water or triathlon based sessions. Support your learners looking to venture into open water for the first time and allow them to learn the skills required first in a warm and safe environment before taking them to the open water.

STA Pool Snorkelling/Synchro

Gain the knowledge and experience to add a new dynamic to your weekly sessions or provide an alternative fun session through the holiday period.

STA Strokes and Skills CPD’s

Keep your teaching knowledge and methods current so that you can deliver the best possible experience to your learners.