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Welcome to your Learn to Swim journey at Michael Jamieson Swim Academy. Our team of highly trained and experienced Instructors hold a minimum of ASA Swim England or STA Level 2 swim teaching qualifications or equivalent, with many holding specialist qualifications such as Baby & Preschool teaching, Rookie Lifeguard Instructor etc. Our Instructor & Lifeguard team also hold a current PVG & follow a robust Safeguarding Policy.

Our team is committed to helping you/your child in their Learn to Swim journey.

MJSA reserves the right to refuse registration of a participant onto a swimming course for any reason which can include medical reasons.


  • Upon booking, all details surrounding your class will be shared. This includes, but not limited to.
  • Class participants
  • Drop off & pick up procedures
  • Lesson start time, end time & holiday periods throughout the year, including bank holiday details etc. Please note that school venues may operate differently to our other venues, but all information will be communicated prior to lesson start date.


  • Payments for a course booking must be made online through our Coursepro Home Portal and in advance of the participants first lesson.
  • Payment can be made using the following cards:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • Maestro
  • Payment is accepted in GBP.
  • We operate a Direct Debit payment system, with our payment date on the 1st of each month. The payment will be labelled London & Zurich / Fitronics Ltd.
  • If you are enrolled beyond the 1st of the calendar month, you will be required to pay a ‘pro-rata’ upfront fee, which covers the lesson delivery period to take you to your next available first direct debit payment.
  • When progressing from Non-Swimmer to Beginner, the Direct Debit payment must be cancelled & a new payment plan set up, due to the differing price points of these classes. Your program coordinator can help with this process.
  • Upon enrolling, customers must accept terms & complete the Direct Debit mandate to confirm their booking & payment plan.
  • All discounted products, including student, family & friends & 3rd sibling discounts are available and can only be applied at the discretion of MJSA. This discount is valid only whilst all 3 siblings are in the program. It is the responsibility of the customer to request this discount upon joining the program and discounts will not be backdated.


  • In the event of a lesson cancellation by MJSA, your Direct Debit payment amount will be reduced at the next available payment date to reflect this.
  • All lesson cancellations will be communicated to you at the earliest possible time.
  • MJSA will not offer refunds for learners that are unable to attend their scheduled lesson.
  • If you wish to cancel your lessons with MJSA, please cancel your Direct Debit payment plan & inform MJSA at the earliest possible time.
  • Any notice of cancellation of lessons must be communicated to MJSA by the 10th day of the month, for the following months collection point. If the cancellation notice is not received by this date, MJSA reserves the right to collect the payment in question.
  • MJSA hires facilities from a 3rd party & we are not directly responsible for pool maintenance. This can create circumstances out with our control & can result in pool closure, for maintenance reasons or otherwise. In the event of a pool closure, MJSA will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible, using all available communication methods. In the case of this being on the day of your lesson, communication attempts will be followed by an automated cancellation email from CoursePro. If MJSA have advance notice of any closures, details will be sent from a MJSA team member.


  • If a participant is unable to continue any scheduled lessons for medical reasons, lessons can be held until the participant is able to return. If reasonable evidence such as a doctor’s note is provided a refund can be issued. The period whereby lessons are held is solely at the discretion of MJSA.
  • If a swimming instructor is not able to take their usual scheduled lessons whether through holiday or sickness, a temporary replacement instructor will cover the period of absence. Refunds will not be made by reasons of lessons being delivered by a replacement instructor.
  • If a swimming instructor leaves MJSA, another instructor will be provided to take over those classes. Refunds will not be provided by reason of departure or change of instructor.
  • If lessons must be cancelled due to the venue not being able to open the facility, lesson delivery will be paused until such point we are able to resume. Where possible, alternative lesson slots/venues will be offered. As per above, Direct Debit payment collection amount will reflect the number of lessons missed.
  • Refunds will not be issued for any reason. Exceptions may apply in relation to medical conditions as set out above & is at the discretion of MJSA.


  • Prior to you/your child’s lessons health concerns may arise that could affect you/your child’s ability to continue safely with the lessons. In these circumstances MJSA reserves the right to require you to provide a note/letter from you/your child’s doctor/physiotherapist or any other appropriate health professional before you/your child continues with the lessons.
  • If MJSA determine that health concerns mean that you/your child should not start/continue with lessons, any lessons paid for but not taken, can be put on hold, or refunded, at the sole discretion of MJSA.
  • Please note, it is you as the adult participant or parent/guardian of the child participant’s sole responsibility to disclose any medical condition, illness or injury that could affect participation in lessons.
  • Please be aware that you/your child’s instructor or any other MJSA staff cannot diagnose and/or prescribe treatment for any form of injury, illness, or medical issue.
  • If you feel unwell in any way, you should not attend your swimming lesson.


  • MJSA takes your privacy seriously, this section explains the ways in which we may use the information you have provided during the booking process. If you have any queries concerning personal information, please contact a member of MJSA management team.
  • Your personal Data can be requested and sent to you at any time by contacting a member of MJSA management team.
  • By booking onto one of our courses you are accepting our terms and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to retain copies of all documentation submitted by you for up to 12 months after inactivity (not being booked onto a course). After 12 months of inactivity all data that can personally identify you will be deleted from our system, even if we refuse registration on to a swimming course, you decide not to go ahead with lessons or if you/your child’s lesson are terminated by us for any reason.
  • You can opt into methods of contact for additional marketing, either at point of booking through your home portal, or with a member of MJSA management team. If you choose not to be contacted, this means that we cannot email, call or text you about any additional programs or courses we may be offering such as holiday courses, lesson cancellations or program updates.
  • You may opt out of these additional marketing contacts at any point by contacting in writing a member of the MJSA management team.
  • You do not need to opt in to contact to be able to receive our automated emails when you join, move class, are due for rebooking or achieve an award.
  • Your information will be shared with any instructor that may take the class that your child is enrolled into so that they know who is attending their lesson and any additional considerations they may need to consider. Your information may also be shared within the MJSA management team so that they can effectively manage your requirements and needs within our swim program.
  • We will, on occasion, take photographs and/or video footage of our lessons or special events relating to MJSA for marketing purposes. We will obtain separate consent for this, and you have the right to opt out of this and/or refuse the use of any imagery that you or your child appears in, by contacting in writing a member of the MJSA management team.


  • When your child attends their first lesson with us, as the parent/guardian/carer, you will receive a Welcome Pack via email. Your child will also receive a complimentary swim cap for their specific class level. If you require a replacement item; swim cap or activity book, we can provide this at a cost of £5 per item. All the above is subject to stock available.
  • Poolside viewing may not be possible at each lesson. We work closely with each of our venues to maximise opportunities to observe your Childs lesson. We ask customers to respect any restrictions in place from our venues or by MJSA for Health & Safety &/or insurance policy purposes.
  • The use of mobile phones to take photographs/video footage of the swimming lessons is strictly prohibited. This is to safeguard all participants in accordance with MJSA safeguarding policy. The instructors will have use of a mobile device for the sole purpose of taking the class register and to update progress on the participant.
  • Your Childs online progress tracker will be updated regularly by their instructor. These updates will be completed by your Childs instructor according to their professional judgement & in line with the Stage criteria. If deemed suitable, your child may move up a class level during a particular term. MJSA staff will inform you of suitable options for this.
  • MJSA does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any clothing or personal items at any venue. If you have lost property, please contact the venue directly.
  • MJSA have the right to offer incentives to new & current customers as separate entities & these are not directly comparable to each other.

MJSA will primarily contact you via email or by posting updates across our social media platforms. We also have a closed Facebook group which is strictly for members only. We can, if required, contact you by phone call. All questions or queries can be directed to & we endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about our policies or procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the MJSA management team.

I warrant that the information provided as part of this agreement is accurate, true, and correct and herby wish myself/my child to participate in swimming lessons provided by the Michael Jamieson Swim Academy. I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid out in this agreement and understand that they may be amended by MJSA at any time. I agree that this will form the basis of a contact between myself and Michael Jamieson Swim Academy in relation to swimming lessons.


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