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Learn to Swim & ‘Own Your Journey’ with swimming lessons in Glasgow for kids & adults! 1:4 class ratio for non-swimmers & 1:6 for all other classes!

At the ‘Michael Jamieson Swim Academy’ we provide you with an Olympic led swim journey at an honest price. We have created a unique learn to swim journey centred around our love for the sport. We are extremely passionate about swimming lessons for kids & ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe, fun and innovative way.

We offer:
  • Learn to Swim Glasgow! An Olympian led programme driven by London 2012 Silver medalist Michael Jamieson! ‘Own Your Journey’ with Swimming lessons for kids & adults!

  • Swimming lessons have class ratios of 1:4 to a maximum of 1:6!

  • Teachers in the water
  • Fully qualified level 2 instructors who are hand picked by Michael Jamieson to ensure that you get the most from your swimming lessons

  • A ‘learn to swim’ awards scheme provided by the National Governing Body
  • MJSA specialised ‘Your Journey Awards’ to complement and complete your experience of Learn to Swim in Glasgow
  • An easy online booking system

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