We offer a range of adult swimming sessions within the academy that offer physical, social, and emotional benefits. We believe being regularly active in water provides an amazing escape from the everyday stress that exists outside the pool. Our group swim sessions are a great way to meet new people as well as improving your swim skills. For our adult swimmers we offer:

  • Learn to Swim
  • Beginner
  • Masters

At every level we employ an engaging, positive and innovative approach to ensure that you can own your journey whilst enjoying the best experience possible.

To book into an adult swimming class please click book now and follow the booking system – the class will be titled “Adult (class name)” and the available sessions are:

  • Learn to Swim – Monday 6.50pm at Radio Clyde venue and Tuesday 2.30pm at Glasgow University venue.
  • Beginner – Tuesday 3pm at Glasgow University venue.
  • Masters – Thursday 7pm at Hamilton College.
swimming lesson