What Class?

Swimming lessons for children under 3 years old

Your Journey

Our under 3’s programme can start as early as 3 months old. Our lessons have a child led approach where all practices are done with the upmost respect of the baby and always requires consent to be given by the child. We aim to provide a warm, nurturing, fun & progressive environment for your little one to thrive in their swimming journey. In our under 3’s programme one accompanying adult per swimmer must be present in the pool. Our lessons cover all of the essential swimming skills: floatation, rotation, propulsion, submersion, safe entries & exits and water safety.

Taking your child to swimming lessons at such a young age promotes so many physiological, psychological and social benefits such as:

  • Improved eating and sleeping patterns due to increased movement supported by the water!
  • Uninterrupted quality time for you and your baby to be together creating a special bond!
  • Friendships are made allowing babies to learn to share, interact and communicate in a group!

Adult & Child (Under 3's) Awards

The Discovery Duckling Awards are the start of the learn to swim experience for all children. These awards are perfect for babies, toddlers and pre-school children who are new to swimming lessons.

There are 4 stages in the Discovery Duckling Awards that will allow the children to gain water confidence and learn basic water skills such as floating while staying close to adult support.

Throughout the Under 3’s journey, there are several ‘I DID IT!’ awards to gain for achieving specific water based skills:

  • I splashed water on my face
  • I put my head under water
  • I blew bubbles on top of the water
  • I blew bubbles under the water
  • I swam under water with help
  • I swam under water by myself
  • I travelled through the water on my front and back with help
  • I travelled through the water with help for 5m
  • I travelled through the water by myself for 5m
  • I floated on my front/back with help
  • I floated on my front/back by myself
  • I turned around with help
  • I turned around by myself
  • I flipped over with help
  • I flipped over by myself
  • I travelled along holding onto the wall for 5m with help
  • I travelled along holding onto the wall for 5m by myself
  • I jumped in to the water with help
  • I jumped in to the water by myself
  • I jumped in and returned to the wall
  • I jumped in and did a star float
  • I entered/exited safely

There are 6 wellbeing awards to be gained at the Under 3’s stage. Each of these awards focuses on building relationships and personal skills for the little ones! Here are the awards and the criteria for gaining them:

  • My Adult & Me – You have shown a mutual trust and respect for each other in the water.
  • My Teacher & Me – You have shown confidence to explore the pool with your teacher.
  • My Friends & Me – You have shown that you are able to participate and share with your class mates in your lesson.
  • Happy Swimmer – You have shown that you are content and confident in learning new skills in the water.
  • Little Explorer – You have shown that you are adventurous and excited to learn new things.
  • Independent Swimmer – You have shown that you are happy to explore the pool and try new things without your adult.

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