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Water Safety

24 January 2023

child doing backstroke

Water safety has always been incredibly important to the Michael Jamieson Swim Academy, safety and personal survival are skills that we continue to teach in our classes. Unfortunately, swimming in open water does come with certain dangers and so this blog post focuses on the steps you can take to swimming safely in open water and what you can do should you end up in a dangerous situation!

Safe Swimming & Hidden Dangers

What to do in a Dangerous Open Water Situation

Here is a demonstration video of star floats & treading water –  

How to Help Someone Else in a Dangerous Open Water Situation

Remember that although you are helping someone else you should still remain cautious and keep yourself safe! Here is a demonstration video of a reach & rescue –  

Pool to Open Water Safety Skills

These are skills that can be most useful when practiced first in a pool so that you can focus on developing the skill without being distracted by the open water environment. Meaning that when you do come to open water swimming it can be made just that little bit easier.

If you remember to respect the open water environment, come prepared and be aware of the dangers then everyone can enjoy open water swimming safely.

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