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What You Can Do Outside of Lessons to Improve Water Confidence!

17 November 2021

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Key Tips for Improving Water Confidence

One of the key tips for improving water confidence is being around the water as much as possible. Taking your child to the swimming pool outside of lessons will help them to build their confidence and feel at ease in the water. When going swimming with family, it’s time for free play and to take what they’ve learned and use it in their own way so consolidate their learning through play, so don’t make it feel like a lesson! You can give pointers if they’re still nervous. If they enjoy diving for sinkers or playing a certain game that they’ve learnt in lessons then you can encourage/do this outside of lessons. Let them experiment and learn in their own space and time.

Show water confidence yourself! If your child can see you enjoying the water, not being afraid to get wet then they will likely start to feel the same. Being scared to get your hair wet or have fun in the water could rub off on your child. Even if you are a bit wary of these things, show that you can do them despite being a bit nervous about it!

Don’t push your child out of their comfort zone. It is important to listen to your child and what they are comfortable doing in the water. For example, taking them to the deep end of the pool when they are not ready for it could lead to the confidence they have already built up in the water being shattered if something were to go wrong. Remember to always stay safe! Encourage and create situations that allows them to explore but this has to be done with consent. Remember that you should not go out of your comfort zone either!

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